Extension School

UFSC Extension School, linked to the Prorectorate for Outreach and Extension, offers a set of short-term extension courses that respond to the current job market demands, as they provide continuous training opportunities for professionals from different fields – such as economics, finance, health, engineering, arts and sciences –, and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in the different sectors of Brazilian society.

 The Extension School has as objectives:

  • coordinate all the extension courses offered by UFSC,
  • organize, supervise and promote uni- and pluri-disciplinary extension courses proposed by the different Academic Units;
  • install, organize, maintain and manage an information system on UFSC extension courses, as well as regularly edit the extension courses catalog;
  • propose to the competent authorities operational rules for the provision of extension courses;
  • give guidance to  course coordinators on the planning of their projects.

UFSC Extension School’s courses are offered following the principles and purposes of professional, innovative and technological education, in articulation with the world of work and the social segments. Attentive to social demands, their emphasis are on the production, development and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge that take into account the local and regional needs and potentialities.

To learn more and see the current list of courses, visit UFSC Extension School website.

To see the calls for course proposals, click here.

Contact info:

E-mail: escoladeextensao@contato.ufsc.br

Phone: +55 (48) 3721 6482