Administrative Coordination Office

The responsibilities of the Administrative Coordination Office are:

  • assist the Prorector and the Outreach Director;
  • receive and provide information to the internal and external public;
  • write the Prorector’s official correspondence;
  • purchase tickets and release daily allowances;
  • manage information (control and filing of correspondence and documents);
  • assist in the coordination of meetings (schedule, agenda, notice, participation and minutes);
  • register and monitor online requests, processes and correspondence;
  • assist in the coordination of outreach events (SEPEX, SEURS, CBEU, etc.);
  • assist in the coordination of public calls from PROEXTENSÃO and PROBOLSAS programs;
  • assist the Projeto Rondon, the Extensio Journal and all other outreach activities promoted by this Prorectorate;
  • manage and monitor information regarding the calls of the University Outreach Program (PROEXT) of the Ministry of Education;
  • manage the outreach certificates;
  • maintain and update PROEX’s website;
  • assist UFSC’s outreach coordinators on the system for registration of outreach activities (NOTES/SIRAEX);
  • perform other activities pertaining to the area or that may be delegated by the competent authority.


Coordinator: Karen Pereira Alvares

Phone: +55 (48) 3721-6482