Center for Third Age Studies (NETI)

With a focus on lifelong education, NETI offers courses, workshops and projects for older people, aiming at their learning update and social integration. The center – which serves as a reference for undergraduate and graduate studies – also provides advisory and consulting services to the community through partnerships with governmental and non-governmental entities.


To rediscover, recreate, systematize and socialize gerontological knowledge with a view to developing activities that place older people as subjects in transformation and as transforming agents both in the academic and the community environment.


    • To expand and systematize the knowledge of gerontology;
    • To develop human resources at various levels;
    • To perform interdisciplinary teaching, research and outreach activities;
    • To disseminate and develop institutional and inter-institutional actions;
    • To assist entities in the organization of programs for the appreciation of older people;
    • To give contributions for a policy of rescuing the role of older people in Brazilian society;
    • To conduct gerontology trainings, lectures and counseling.


NETI activities are based on the following principles:

      • Human beings constitute themselves in the world;
      • Human beings are able to learn during their whole existence;
      • Older people are valued when their potential is recognized and their responsible and participatory engagement is encouraged in society;
      • The raising of older people’s awareness as regards the renewing action in the area of gerontology makes them agents par excellence in helping to equate Brazilian social issues.

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