Mission, Vision and Values


PROEX’s mission is to contribute to the realization and strengthening of UFSC social role through outreach actions, in compliance with the National Policy of University Outreach and the Forum of Prorectors for Outreach of the Brazilian Public Higher Education Institutions.


To promote a transforming interaction between UFSC and society.


  • Dialogic interaction, as it develops relations between the university and social sectors through dialogue and a two-way sharing of knowledge;
  • Inseparability of teaching, research and outreach, as it reaffirms outreach as an academic process connected with the processes of education (teaching) and generation of knowledge (research);
  • Impact on the students’ education, as it qualifies students through their involvement in outreach activities, making them protagonists of their own education in order to obtain the necessary competencies for their professional practices and socially responsible education;
  • Social impact and transformation, as it establishes a relationship between the University and other society sectors, with a view to a transforming action aimed at (i) the interests and needs of the majority of the population, (ii) the promotion of regional development and (iii) the implementation of public policies.