Rogério PROEX

Rogério Cid Bastos
Prorector for Outreach and Extension
+55 (48) 3721-7424

The responsibilities of the Prorector for Outreach and Extension are:

  • coordinate the formulation and implementation of outreach policies and the activities of the associated implementing bodies;
  • assist the university community in submitting and developing outreach projects;
  • monitor, analyze and manage the activities of the Prorectorate;
  • disseminate and enforce the outreach legislation within the university councils, schools, departments and supplementary bodies;
  • implement and develop, together with the other Prorectorates and the Rector’s Office, outreach policies and programs;
  • act together with the other Prorectorates and the Rector’s Office for the solution of problems and proposition of actions;
  • represent UFSC in the Forum of Outreach Prorectors (FORPROEX);
  • coordinate the implementation of institutional outreach projects;
  • coordinate actions to search for funding in institutional projects;
  • contribute to the realization and strengthening of UFSC social role in the area of outreach;
  • encourage the development of outreach activities through specific programs or management of external programs;
  • propose to the competent authority the signing of agreements with other bodies, followed by the monitoring of such agreements;
  • convene and preside over the meetings of the Outreach Council;
  • issue ordinances and other administrative acts that may be necessary for completion of its activities;
  • promote the inseparability of teaching, research and outreach and the inclusion of outreach activities in the educational projects of UFSC’s undergraduate programs;
  • assist in the organization of UFSC Teaching, Research and Outreach Week (SEPEX);
  • perform other activities pertaining to the area or that may be delegated by the Rector.